S-ethyl azepane-carbothioate (S-ethyl perhydroazepin-1-carbothioate)
CAS RN / EEC No. / Index no.
[2212-67-1] / 218-661-0 / 613-051-00-4
Molecular formula / Molecular weight
C9H17NOS / 187.3

Mode of Action and uses
Molinate is a thiocarbammate selective systemic herbicide rapidly absorbed by the roots, with translocation acropetally to the leaves. Inhibits germination.
It is applied either before planting to water-seeded or shallow soil-seeded rice or post-flood, post-emergence in other types of rice culture.
Molinate inhibits lipid synthesis (not ACCase inhibition).

Technical product
96% A.I.

Straight product Formulations
720 g/L Emulsifiable Concentrate, 960 g/L EC

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